Welcome to a Sports revolution
PIQ is a human-friendly and amazing technology for the ultimate sports experience. Play your favorite sport wearing the ultimate PIQ ROBOT™, and develop your Winning Factors every day.
Intelligence will lead you to victory. PIQ ROBOT™ will also provide you with amazing visualizations of your performances for you to share.
Far more than just a sensor, PIQ ROBOT™ is a powerful nano-computer that analyzes thousands of datapoints in real-time.
PIQ ROBOT™ then displays in real time all the exact performances of your game, such as speed, strength, or precision… and much more.
You play, It knows.
Share Your Joy and Victory

When you're done playing, PIQ ROBOT™ allows you to post amazing GIFs of your performance on social media, allowing you to share the progress you're making with all your friends.

Awesome Leaderboards

PIQ ROBOT™ 's Leaderboards are the new battleground for sports performance.

After each session or game, find out whether you made the leaderboard for your country or your home turf.

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